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Industry Standards

“Standard Pallet Size” in the United States, is the GMA 48” x 40”. Specifications for this pallet are 3.5-inch-wide and 1/2-inch-thick deck boards. They hold up to 1500 lbs. dynamic to 4500 lbs. static safely. GMA 4 way for easy loading and unloading. Each pallet weighs about 37 lbs. The 48” x 40” pallet is commonly used in grocery, general warehousing, and storage.

Standard Pallet Types


Stringer Pallets are one of the most common pallet types used in logistics and warehousing. They are characterized by the use of stringers – horizontal 2×4” boards that span the space between and parallel to the top and bottom deck boards. These “stringers” are typically arranged in a configuration of 3, providing support and stability. They can be notched (partial four-way entry) or unnotched (two-way entry), allowing easy access for forklifts and pallet jacks.



Block Pallets are made from solid wood, plywood, or composite between the pallet decks or beneath the top deck. The difference from stringer pallets is that they have both top and bottom deck boards. This design allows for four-way entry, making them more accessible for forklifts from all sides. They can also be made without top or bottom boards. Block pallets are generally more durable than stringer pallets.



Skid Pallets are the simplest form of pallets, essentially being a single-deck load platform. What makes them different from Stringer and Block Pallets is the absence of a bottom deck. Skids are often used for heavy-duty applications and their simple design makes them lightweight and cost-effective.

Pallet Modifications

Solid Deck

Solid Deck Pallets either have no gap decking or a single solid sheet of wood as the top surface, with no gaps between the boards. This offers a smooth and even surface, ideal for carrying stacking, and shipping unstable items. The solid deck pallet is typically used for bagged products or products with small packaging.

Double Face

Double Face Pallets have top and bottom deck boards, allowing for a more even distribution of weight. They come in two types: reversible and non-reversible. Reversible pallets can be flipped and used on either side, while non-reversible ones have a designated top and bottom. These pallets are suited for heavier loads and provide more stability during handling.

Winged Pallets

Winged Pallet

Wing pallets are unique in appearance due to the overhanging deck boards or “wings”. The purpose of the extra length on the deck boards is to allow pallets can better distribute the load and also hold larger or oddly shaped products. The extra length also allows for easier shrink-wrapping.

Double Winged

Double Wing Pallets extend the top and bottom deck boards beyond the stringers or blocks. Just like with the regular winged pallet providing better distribution, the double wing also allows shippers to use the other side in case of damage to one side.

Glass Pallet


Glass Pallets are specialized pallets designed for transporting goods for the bottling industry. These pallets need to be exceptionally sturdy to make sure they maximize storage space and also support the extreme weight of filled bottles and cans. As such they are often custom-made to fit specific sizes and weights of glass products though the standard size is 56” x 44”.

Can Pallets


Similar to Glass Pallets, Can Pallets are tailored for the storage and transport of cans, soda, and PET bottles. Can Pallets still need the capability of holding extreme weight so they are also made with wooden blocks rather than the stringers that traditional pallets use. The Standard Size is 44” x 56” and they often have a flat, solid surface to provide stable support for cans and to prevent them from rolling or being damaged.

Beverage Pallets


Beverage Pallets are designed to transport and store various beverage products, including bottled and canned drinks. The standard size for these pallets is 36” x 36” which allows beverage manufacturers to quickly and efficiently load and unload the smaller pallets from their trailers.

Automotive Pallets


Automotive Pallets are specialized pallets used in the automotive industry. They are designed to transport and store automotive parts and components. These pallets are often custom-designed to accommodate the unique shapes and sizes of automotive parts. The 48×45 pallet size is the standard used in the automotive industry.

Chemical Pallets


Chemical Pallets are used for storing and transporting chemical products and given the hazardous nature of their cargo, these pallets are designed for safety, durability, and resistance to chemicals. With standards set in place in 1991 by the VCI (Verband der Chemischer Industry) in Germany and then later adopted by EPAL (European Pallet Association) they are often made from treated wood or sometimes high-density plastic that can withstand corrosion, contamination, and extreme conditions. Chemical pallets may also adhere to specific industry standards and regulations to ensure safe handling and storage of chemical products. To assist various industries in ensuring the appropriate selection of pallets for transporting chemicals, standardized dimensions and types have been established, each tailored to specific applications and handling needs, ranging from CP1 to CP9. There is also the 48×48 pallet which is usually only used in the chemical industry – used to store and transport drums.

Telecommunications Pallet


The 42×42 pallet is most commonly used in the telecommunications, paint, and technical coating industries. However, it was originally designed for the US Military to transport and store mortar rounds.

Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes

Wooden Crates

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selective focus photography of piled brown wooden pallets

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